Optimized ESP with a down-hole sensor supports regional oil production

Early January this year OIL DYNAMICS has successfully delivered another Artificial Lift System in Bavaria, Germany. We are happy to support our client and the regional oil production with this custom-made ESP.

Built to last. The pump was engineered to perform and exactly meet the requirements defined by the well specifications and the customer’s preferences. For a longer service life the electric motor of this new OIL DYNAMICS ESP is protected by an additional bag and extra mechanical seal compared to the old pump.

Process control. Unlike the old unit this new orange ESP is equipped with a down-hole sensor which is constantly sending to surface essential parameters allowing a safer operation and advanced production optimization.

The extra stretch. Thanks to the anticipated delivery and perfectly prepared installation assisted by experienced Oil Dynamics experts the ESP has been run in hole and commissioned under pleasant sunny weather conditions and to the client’s full satisfaction.

Energy efficiency thanks to sophisticated design. After the first weeks of operation the customer enthusiastically reports that his new OIL DYNAMICS ESP consumes about 20% less electric power compared to the old pump under the same operating conditions.