Our Promise

From individual components to best-in-class turnkey systems: Oil Dynamics offers a full range of products and services. As technology leaders in Artificial Lift Systems and other up-stream pumping solutions, we provide complete system solutions that are tailor-made to your requirements. Based on our many years of combined experience, we know the industry`s heartbeat: We know what you need. We know what will meet your requirements. You will get what you expect: German quality culture and a perfect partner that will ease your path to success.

Who we are

Oil Dynamics is a highly flexible company founded by a group of seasoned and experienced professionals from within the Pump and Oil & Gas industry. We are focused to engineer, manufacture, package, test, supply and service premium products for the up-stream industry both on- and offshore as well as for geothermal and specialized water applications.

Where we are

We are located in Heidelberg, Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar, one of Germany’s most attractive regions and close to the Frankfurt International Airport. Our factory is located in Hockenheim, just a few kilometers away from Heidelberg. It was designed with specific focus on the requirements of artificial lift applications and hence offers a unique range of testing facilities for all our products. All our testing facilities meet or exceed the relevant industry standards.

Your success is our success

A true partner: Our team works in close and trustful relationships with our customers and suppliers – in order to successfully develop long-term relations and solutions that fit your individual needs.

ISO certifications

Oil Dynamics has been certified according to the latest standards: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System).

Going the extra mile: 100% in-house testing

We are proud to provide a unique range of testing services to our customers: from a single equipment test device within the manufacturing process as quality control function up to a full string test of the whole pumping system. We have one of the finest testing facilities in the world – and therefore the capability to run your system as designed. Pumping unit, drives and controls are tested as complete system to insure full system integrity in the field. This guarantees a reliable and trouble-free start from day one!

Our capabilities

Why is Oil Dynamics the right selection, Mr Schulz?

Question: You value the right decision, Mr Schulz. Why should a customer decide to entrust critical system components to Oil Dynamics?

Answer: “How much time do you have …? No, seriously: We give our customers many reasons for that important decision. But the main reason we value the right decision is that we do this ourselves, day by day: making the right decision. Each of our pumping systems is designed with the best components available, build on many years of professional experience that brings out the best in each system, for the conditions they are designed for. We are able to decide in each case what’s best because we have a great team of seasoned experts who know both: the dynamics of the applications and our customers.”

Question: And the result is …? What does that mean for your customer?

Answer: “High quality parts and components, processed by highly skilled experts and tested in state-of-the-art facilities. The result will be turnkey systems, tailor-made for each of our customers. This way we help our clients to reach their ambitious targets. They say, only the sky is the limit. The depths of the reservoir or the challenge of the fluid shouldn’t be.”(laughs)

Question: So the truth lies in the actual field operation, day in and day out?

Answer: “Absolutely. Uninterrupted production is our first priority. That’s why Field Service is a key part of our mission. To us, our obligation is not finished when supply a system. We take pride in helping our customers to get the most out of their pumps. To lift and move fluids with maximum uninterrupted service. The primary reason why we focused from the very beginning on building an experienced, well-equipped Field Service team that can go out and service our pumping systems to build and maintain best-in-class MTBF.”

Question: And the second priority?

Answer: “The second priority is education. That’s why we invented our Oil Dynamics Academy, to pass on our expertise and knowledge, internally and externally. This academy is quite unique, a lighthouse project in the industry. But to us, it’s part of our promise: peak performance, mastering the most challenging applications. To do so, we train our co-workers and operators of our customers to help them reach the optimum.”

Question: What are your targets for the future?

Answer: “It’s important to surround yourself with the best. I’m proud to say that the team we’ve built works incredibly well together. Over the next one or two years, my focus will be on ensuring that, as we grow, we don’t lose our dynamic and pragmatic customer-focused approach. When we work with our customers and partners, I think they can feel the trust, confidence and cooperation of our team – it’s palpable. We’re solution-driven people.”

Question: Your company’s name is Oil Dynamics. But in recent times, you are concentrating also on water and the geothermal sector. How does that fit?

Answer: “Excellent. Of course the oil and gas sector is where we come from, and it will stay our core business for the years to come. But the lifting of water and geothermal energy from deep reservoirs becomes more and more important in our today’s world. Renewable energies and water supply will be key challenges for growing populations and safeguarding the world climate. With our expertise and know-how in the pumping sector, we are predestined to find new solutions for these fields. Thanks to our experts and the close collaboration with our customers and renowned universities – which is a key asset of our company – we are continuously expanding our knowledge in these important sectors. So our business partners will get perfectly fitting and ever improving turnkey-solution that meet their requirements. The past brings forth the future!”

Question: But you are a new player in this market. What do you do different?

Answer: “Well, the market itself is new. So everybody is kind of a new player here. This means the market is open to anybody who is willing to put in the effort – and, of course, has the necessary expertise. We do. And that includes focused R&D projects to develop this technology further.
But back to your question, what we do different: We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, we focus on providing customized solutions to ensure the long-term profitability of our customers. That’s why we are the right selection!”

Question: Thank you for the interview, Mr Schulz!

Answer: “You are welcome.”


Jürgen Schulz
Managing Director

our passion

We make our customers fit for any challenge by passing on our knowledge –
with technical classes and hands-on training in our Oil Dynamics Academy.

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Without knowing what, when or how to do something, even the best system will be useless. Therefore, we make our customers fit for any challenge by passing on our knowledge – with technical classes and hands-on training in our Oil Dynamics Academy.

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