Driving with new car design


Promotionally en route



The vehicle fleet of Oil Dynamics GmbH have been redesigned. A fresh shing appearance upon cars outwards our ever more philosophy always being prepared for our customer’s needs, adjusting products and delivering finest service.


This little white-orange „Master“ for example can be viewed driving all around the region of Rhineland-Palatinate and Rhine-Neckar. On his regular tours this swifty truck appproaches different companies who cooperate with us to hone Oil Dynamic’s product range.


Oil Dynamics is a German company which was founded by a group of seasoned and long experienced professionals from within the industry, focused to engineer, manufacture, test, supply and service premium products for the upstream industry both on- and offshore. From the onset the team works on a close and trustful basis with our clients and suppliers in order to create value and develop long-term relations and long-lasting solutions for the individual needs of each project, client and supplier. Oil Dynamics designs, engineers, manufactures and, where needed, integrates technologies from global champions according to our specifications into efficient Artificial Lift or Horizontal Pumping Systems. Related to our own developed Quality System we test each individual equipment and the system integration before shipping the product to our customers.