New positions at Oil Dynamics for collective success worldwide

For the newly started year and beyond, OIL DYNAMICS continuously strives to broaden its talents and activities worldwide. Due to these positive circumstances the Germany based company is now offering further job opportunities for different positions. An intensive application procedure is going on for the next weeks searching for additional talented and experienced professionals from within the Pump and Oil & Gas industry complementing OIL DYNAMICS’ already successful team.

Along with the additional positions for field service, panel builders and mechanical engineering, OIL DYNAMICS is ensuring the company’s future by offering an education program in cooperation with regional vocational schools. Beginning of September young talents will start to be trained profoundly on automation technology with the later option to graduate as an Electronics engineer.

“Following on the current selection process and the adjusted internal structure that goes along with it, we are very much looking forward to how this initiative will further strengthen our team and its future success,” says Jürgen Schulz, Managing Director atOIL DYNAMICS. “Especially the newly founded automation technology department at our factory in Hockenheim provides a solid future for our company and our clients to reach their ambitious targets.”