Annual summer party in Heidelberg

Cultural diversity plays a major role in the daily business of OIL DYNAMICS. Maintaining regular and seeking news contacts to international clients and partners is the thing. one Yet it is successfully grounded at the diverse positioned team of the German company with employees coming from such different countries. A major key fact that has been given proof at this year’s annual summer party.

The event took place on July 5h 2019 at the restaurant “Waldschänke Heiligenberg” in Heidelberg and united the OIL DYNAMICS team along with close business partners for a joyful come together. The gastronomic specialties were also cultural diverse offering dishes like spicy merguez or crispy lamb chops. A special highlight at the summer party was the entertaining stage program of Clown Zappo. The red dressed did not only bring some bilingual jokes about daily life curiosities but also demonstrated with his silver rings slapstick how international bonds can lead into successful bigger projects. Such diversity within our team and the contacts worldwide have always been and will always be an important key fact operating within different cultural environments.