ESP installed and commissioned successfully

Last week OIL DYNAMICS installed and commissioned a new feed pump at a customer’s site in Munich. The site of operation was Germany’s largest geothermal plant, which supplies 80,000 people with eco-heat.


The deep well pump was custom designed to meet the customer’s requirements and built in our German factory. OIL DYNAMICS engineers used a whole range of innovative technologies to enable this powerful electrical submersible pump (ESP) for operating efficiently within a wide production range. Prior to delivery, Oil DYNAMICS’ experts thoroughly tested all pump components on the test rigs at our Hockenheim facility. Our trained and experienced factory service team based in Germany installed the pump later on. Additionally, after successful installation, our electrical engineers established a stable power and data connection to the frequency converter and control system at the site. Our specialized application engineers provided expert advice and follow-up support to the customer. After a few days in supervised manual mode, the pump is now running stably in controlled automatic mode.


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