Geo Dynamics at European Geothermal Congress 2022

Bright sunshine lit up Oil Dynamics’ booth at this year’s European Geothermal Congress in Berlin. With its new division, GEO DYNAMICS, the German company presented a wide range of technical solutions for geothermal applications to 1,200 congress visitors. New pump hydraulics for higher flow rates and efficiencies, an innovative protection system, the modular motor system (MMS), large smartDrive frequency converters, and a number of successfully completed geothermal projects were all part of this presentation. A thoroughly positive feedback was received from international booth visitors including industry experts, scientists, developers and operators of geothermal plants.

The Oil Dynamics congress participants themselves were impressed by the quality and size of this particular event, which took place in the middle of the German capital. While other geothermal exhibitions are more practice-oriented, the European Geothermal Congress 2022 seemed much more international and enjoyed a broad political support.

“The awareness and acceptance of geothermal energy among the population seems to be increasing rapidly,” sums up Adam Waniek, Director Sales and Marketing at Oil Dynamics GmbH. Due to the recent development of oil and gas prices and the uncertain supply situation concerning fossil fuels, geothermal plants finally became also commercially competitive. “Consumers are increasingly tending towards renewable energies. The number of geothermal projects is increasing exponentially throughout Europe, and with it the number of requests we receive.”

From October 17 – 21. 2022, more than 1200 participants were joining the largest so far made European Geothermal Congress in Berlin, Germany. The event, organized by the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), in cooperation with the German Geothermal Association (Bundesverband Geothermie e. V.), brought together stakeholders from the European geothermal community to discuss latest innovations, science, market development reserving also room for networking, an exhibition and side events.