Succesful corporation resulting in a submersible PCP System

The recent challenge was to produce viscose crude oil through a deviated well within a gassy and sandy reservoir for a customer in the Northern part of Germany near Bremen. Furthermore, the crude oil production of the ES-PCP system shall be designed for a flexible operation. The pump hydraulic itself was manufactured by NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme. For now the trial period can be seen as successful due to one Oil Dynamics BEST-IN-CLASS concept and the corporation with NETZSCH. Ever since Oil Dynamics engineers and manufactures submersible technologies for both Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) and Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP). Where low motor speeds are needed Oil Dynamics offers permanent magnet motors (PM motors or just PMM) for flexible and highly efficient operation mode. These standard submersible PM motors match with proven Progressive Cavity Pumps where standard top-driven systems have limited production capabilities. Submersible systems offer a wide range of applications for crude oil and water lifting in deviated or completely horizontal wells. As a solution for the afore mentioned customer a submersible PMM system including motor protector, downhole sensor and the complete electrical surface equipment to run the Electric Submersible-PCP (ES-PCP)-System has been delivered. This contains a PMM smartDRIVE System based on the proven ElektroMotion Technology concept.