OD’s profiles on different social media channels

OIL DYNAMICS’s official website is being updated accordingly to every new business expansion, successful installation, personnel changes, company events or other activities. To spread those news around the world we are also operating on different social media networks. Our business partners, clients and other prospects have the option to follow and comment our content or get directly in contact with the team of the OIL DYNAMICS . Since were are constantly optimizing ourselves and like to integrate our customers wishes your feedback is very much welcome.

Being a business orientated company we are present on LinkedIn. Here you get regular updates on our company and its developments. Furthermore you can contact our personnel, share our posts and comment them. For linking to us in your own posts please use the hashtag #oildynamics. You may also contact us on Facebook. There you can follow us, share and comment our Facebook posts or write to us. In case you would like to link to us please use the text module @OilDynamics. In addition to the aforementioned you can find us also on Twitter. Here you can follow our profile, activity posts and recent photos. Any updates are being published with the hashtag #oildynamics as well.