First pumping system for thermal baths delivered to Austria



Austria’s largest thermal resort in Bad Loipersdorf relies on the know-how and experience of OIL DYNAMICS and assigned the German pump specialist to design, deliver and install a pumping system for its freshly drilled well.

The recently installed electric submersible pump (ESP) has meanwhile proved its performance during the pumping test. Once the pipeline is completed, the ESP will lift three to six liters per second of 60°C mineral-rich water from an installation depth of approximately 900m and deliver it uphill to the thermal baths.

Along with the pump, OIL DYNAMICS also supplied the complete surface equipment as a tailored, containerized solution. In addition to the customer’s control system, the ventilated and heated container includes a modern OIL DYNAMICS frequency converter ElektroMotion Technology ESP smartDRIVE and a fitting dry-type transformer.

While experienced OIL DYNAMICS field engineers installed the pumping system including the sub-surface sensor, HV-cable, wellhead penetrator, etc., an OD software engineer configured the data interface to the resort’s control system.

Since the special production tubing has been assembled using a relatively low torque, the pump had to be started up very smoothly – especially during the rotation test – to avoid loosening of any torqued connections. The OIL DYNAMICS team solved even this special requirement by sporadically reprogramming the smartDRIVE on the wellsite.

The pumping system has been delivered to schedule, with one OIL DYNAMICS service engineer on site assisting the customer’s successful pumping test.

Many thanks to Thermenresort Loipersdorf as well as RED Drilling & Services GmbH for the preference and excellent cooperation.