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Pumping Systems from GEO DYNAMICS.

With GEO DYNAMICS, we have established a new brand exclusively dedicated to the strongly growing renewable energy and water industries. Our specific focus lies on the development of state-of-the-art technologies for geothermal applications. Additional hydraulics for higher flow rates and optimized efficiencies, innovative protector systems and a completely new, leading edge family of ESP motors and drives are being developed. Our power of innovation combined with our industry leading factory and field service makes GEO DYNAMICS your preferred partner for geothermal and water projects. Come and experience the future today.

Illustration: Niels Sneyers

GEO DYNAMICS supports the megatrend towards drastic reductions of greenhouse gas emissions which are linked to climate change. Therefore, we are focusing our extensive knowledge and experience in artificial lift systems on the development of sustainable submersible pumps – for the lifting of geothermal energy from deep lying reservoirs.

Geothermal power and heat systems are considered the lowest cost option because they use the earth’s own internal renewable heat to generate energy. Moreover, they are highly efficient and they provide this energy steadily and independent of wind and sun – 365 / 7 / 24.

Turning ideas into performance

Even though the principles are much alike, geothermal pumping systems are different from similar pumping systems in the oil industry: the fluid temperatures can be significantly higher, the flow rates and required motor ratings are excessively bigger and the fluids contain aggressive salts and abrasive scaling.

Most manufacturers are fighting with these specifications. Not Geo Dynamics: We are mastering them. Because our engineers use an open-mind approach and integrate successful developments from other industries, like power generation, into true workhorses for artificial lift systems in geothermal applications.

We see it this way: a great deal is possible with an innovative concept, integrating proven technologies and a strong inner drive.

Of course, our solutions are inspired by our experience and knowledge from the oil industry. But we continuously strive, in close cooperation with our clients, to develop systems which provide ever convincing performance in this tough and challenging environment. They deliver significantly higher system efficiency and a sustainable service life. Significant company resources are being invested in research and development projects to design and build new technological concepts for protector and motor systems.

We make our ESP systems a little bit better than the rest. Because we know they have to perform in hostile environments, and under the toughest conditions. Each ESP is individually designed based on well conditions. >>

Our HPS pumps are premium solutions that elevate your productivity to new horizons. As a result of the modular design, our HPS systems are not only more reliable in their day-to-day performance: you acquire the technology of the future today! >>

The unique ElektroMOTION smartDRIVE system for more efficiency and system reliability under the most demanding operating conditions.  >>

The choice of the right accessory will make sure that your system will be fully harmonized for trouble-free operation. >>

Professional Field Service makes the difference. Before, during and after the fact.>>

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