Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)

Built to survive ESP systems

We make our ESP systems better than the rest because we know they have to perform in hostile environments, and under the toughest conditions. The result? 100%-reliable, best-in-class-systems, made in Germany, that ease your work and help you to produce more energy. They come with a legendary service to rely on.

Turnkey is the key to your success

ESP systems are the main artery of water production from deep lying aquifers. As an expert for artificial lift solutions, OIL DYNAMICS is a provider of powerful answers: We combine best-in-class solutions and materials to build the perfect, tailor-made system fulfilling your needs. We design, engineer, package, test and supply the complete system to pump your fluid to the surface.

Flow rates in water applications are demanding. Therefore, our ESP systems come with a variety of specific speed designs that perfectly match your requirements in terms of pressure and production. The ESP can be installed in almost any production well regardless of depth, well inclination and operational conditions. Due to its flexible design with a large variety of technology upgrades like induction and permanent magnet motors, metallurgy and coating options, special bearing designs, the ESP is the ideal system to choose. The ESP selection will be tailored by our design software to match reservoir conditions and your specific lift and fluid requirements.

Best productivity and reliable performance with proven data collection and monitoring

A range of state-of-the-art down-hole data sensors that transfer all critical system data to the surface combined with a smart monitoring software provide full system transparency and operational control. All information can be remotely reproduced in real-time mode and can be fully integrated into existing plant control systems.

Flexible motor concepts

OIL DYNAMICS offers two different motor technologies both specifically designed for submersible pumping systems in tough production environments: The Induction Motor (IM) and the Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM). While the IM is the workhorse of the industry and will be the perfect choice for most applications, the PMM offers a number of advantages like lower temperature rise, larger shaft diameter and shorter construction that fits the requirements of specific demanding applications.

The OIL DYNAMICS Modular Motor System (MMS) with power ratings up to 3,000 HP at 60 Hz is based on standard, “off-the-shelf” 562 and 738 series motor frames that are mechanically coupled but electrically independent. The main advantages are:

  • Standard, off-the-shelf product instead of specially ordered equipment
  • Reduced voltage drop / current in power cables
  • Longer motor assembly with better heat dissipation
  • Redundant electrical systems providing ½ power capacity in case of motor failures

Tailor-made turnkey systems

The choice of the right variable frequency smartDRIVES (VFD), which come in 6, 12 and 24 pulse configurations and as low and medium voltage solutions, transformers, surface and down-hole cables, well heads, flow meters, control valves and other surrounding material will make sure that your new artificial lift system will work efficient and reliable.

Your key advantages

  • Short delivery times: thanks to off-the-shelf components and pre-engineered designs
  • Tough and proven solution with components from existing technologies
  • Stress resistant technology: stable within harsh conditions with individual upgrades
  • Tailor-made system: precisely customized for your needs
  • Flexible head generation: multistage pump design allowing for any required combination of head and flow

Our HPS pumps are premium solutions that elevate your productivity to new horizons. As a result of the modular design, our HPS systems are not only more reliable in their day-to-day performance: you acquire the technology of the future today! >>

The unique smart drive system for more efficiency under the most demanding operating conditions. >>

The choice of the right accessory will make sure that your system will be fully harmonized for trouble-free operation. >>

Professional Field Service makes the difference. Before, during and after the fact.>>



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