Technical lecture in Graz

Deep geothermal energy is one of the most important components of the heat transition.

The main advantages of this technology are the extremely high thermal efficiency (COP), the base load capability and the small footprint on the surface.

At this year’s Practical Conference “Pumps in Process Engineering, Power Plant and Wastewater Technology”, the Head of Engineering and Product Development at Oil Dynamics GmbH, Mr. Andy Limanowka, presented together with Mr. Stefan Höller from the Engineering Consultants Prof. Dr. Jaberg und Partner GmbH the exciting development process of a new deep well pump for geothermal applications.

The challenges were manifold. Customers want high flow rates from relatively small well diameters, which typically results in large liquid level drawdowns and therefore requires the generation of high differential pressures by powerful motors.

In addition, ESPs for geothermal systems must operate very efficiently and also be able to deliver reliably a wide range of flow rates at stable conditions corresponding to the seasonally fluctuating heat demand.

The slim and long multi-stage pumps are exposed to extreme load combinations, e.g. from high differential pressures, especially at the last pump stages, bending moments due to often inclined and curved well paths, normal forces from the high weight of the pump motor, vibrations, e.g. due to high flow velocities, high fluid temperatures, which make cooling and particularly lubrication of the pumps’ radial bearings difficult, etc.

The hydraulics of the new Oil Dynamics geothermal pump presented during the lecture were developed together with the engineering consultants Prof. Dr. Jaberg und Partner GmbH in line with closely defined market requirements. In his presentation part, Mr. Stefan Höller addressed the challenges of the multi-objective, CFD-based hydraulic design/optimization of the new pump.

We would especially like to thank the host of the event, Prof. Dr. Helmut Jaberg and the Technical Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helmut Benigni, for the invitation and all conference participants for the great interest in the presented topic.