ElektroMotion series as supporting technology

Recently industrial activity has been substantially reduced and labor forces worldwide have been affected heavily – all owing to the brisk increase of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of their employees work in Home Office mode, others have to take care of their children since schools and day care centers are closed, etc. yet the OIL DYNAMICS team is keeping the work going since all of their customers are involved in lifting and moving essential fluids – oil and water. “The production of energy and the supply of water are critical to keep our societies going”, says Jürgen Schulz, Managing Director of Oil Dynamics GmbH. “That is why we will continue our support and service throughout the current crisis as best as we can.”

Modern, state-of-the-art technology in communication, data acquisition and data processing allows the team to utilize most of its resources even when they are spread over different geographical locations. “We have learned this when we introduced our ElektroMotion series of remote situation monitoring systems,” explains Schulz. “However; we still very much value the personal contact to our clients, suppliers and employees and hope that the future will allow us to return to our proven and trusted inter-personal contacts.”

The seasoned manager understands the critical situation in which everyone operates, the enormous burden that will have to be carried by the health systems and therefore the importance to respect the ground rules to avoid a rapid spreading of the Corona pandemic. “Our primary goal is to protect the health and safety of our employees and our assets.“

Since OIL DYNAMICS is working with many internationally recognized suppliers for certain components of its systems, like transformers, cables, castings etc., disruptions in the normal supply chain will have to be expected. As a very recent example, their major cable supplier, Prysmian, has just been instructed by the Italian government to close the ESP cable factory. “This can be mitigated by some of our inventory for a while but eventually will create a bottle neck for some of our projects”, says Schulz, who analyses the current situation quite deliberate.

“The pandemic Corona crisis will stay with us for some time and it will change the way we live and operate in many ways. The most important thing now however, will be to show solidarity, to support each other and to keep the losses to a minimum. Together we will succeed. Please stay safe!”