The unique ElektroMotion TechnologyTM

For the most demanding operating conditions: The ElektroMotion TechnologyTM stands for an outstanding series of electrical power and control products that significantly improve the efficiency of your pumping systems. With variable frequency drives, switchboards, pump control systems and remote monitoring solutions, tailor-made for your special process conditions, ElektroMotion TechnologyTM will enhance the long-term functionality, reliability and efficiency of your system.

Oil Dynamics ElektroMotion Technology

ElektroMotion is an innovative series of unique state-of-the-art electrical systems that can be combined to satisfy the requirements of any demanding application. All system components are tested under load and for full functionality in our facility before delivered to the field. All ElektroMotion products can be provided for indoor and the most demanding outdoor service including desert and offshore conditions.

ElektroMotion smartDRIVE Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

The ElektroMotion smartDRIVE is OIL DYNAMICS answer to current and future challenges in variable speed pumping applications. It combines that latest state-of-the-art high quality industrial products with innovative application engineering.

OIL DYNAMICS ElektroMotion smartDRIVE offers you a stand-alone solution for your pumping system. The smartDRIVE comes with build-in functionality and algorithms to meet every requirement of your production system. Production maintenance, production optimization, pump system protection, data storage as well as data monitoring and integration is all build into the smartDRIVE operating software.

The ElektroMotion smartDRIVE is available with different harmonic filtering systems:

  • 6-pulse with large AC and DC choke                             (smartDRIVE “Gold” or “Platinum”)
  • 12-pulse with large AC and DC choke                           (DSF 12 pulse)
  • Active Front End – equivalent or better 24-pulse        (DSF AF)

Depending on the individual configuration, the OIL DYNAMICS smartDRIVE comes with different options and accessories to fulfill the needs of a cost-effective yet state-of-the-art standalone production unit. The units are equipped with intuitive colored, clear text touchscreen as operator interface. The local logging capabilities provide historical alarm and trend data, which can be easily exported to standard office software packages via the remote monitoring function and SCADA/Modbus connections. In addition a high performance industrial PLC can be integrated to use the smartDRIVE as monitoring and control device for your entire production site.

Oil Dynamics ESP SmartDRIVE Cabinet

Your key advantages

  • Easy, user friendly interface (touchpad controlled HMI)
  • Intuitive graphical design
  • Data storage and trending
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust, oil-field type design with variable enclosures
  • Full CE and IEEE compliance
  • Many valuable options
  • Intelligent learning to optimize your system

ElektroMotion smartCONTROL

The Oil Dynamics smartCONTROL can be used with different types of manufacturer independent end devices such as variable speed drives, flow control valves, direct-on-line starters, diesel generators, soft starters, analog and digital gauges, level control systems etc. Typical applications are:

  • Enhanced pump system protection and process control
  • Enhanced ESP and production site protection and control
  • Multiple centrifugal pump management systems
  • Pipeline booster systems
  • Transfer pumping station control

ElektroMotion smartMONITORING

The OIL DYNAMICS smartMONITORING is OIL DYNAMICSs answer to the growing demand of digitalizing different widely distributed remote assets into one management system. The smartMONITORING enables you to connect nearly every device to a common control system. Your remote assets turn digital and will start talking to you so that you can manage your systems intelligently.

Contact us to discuss the best configuration for your specific local requirements.

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