Successful VFD delivery by OIL DYNAMICS


In the beginning of September 2020 in Northern Germany: At a very short notice, OIL DYNAMICS supported a customer to restart his production. On this occasion, his broken-down pump has been upgraded to ESP technology resulting in immediate production increase after a very short downtime. Oil Dynamics contributed significantly to this successful project by lightning-fast delivering a new VFD fitting an already available ESP.

Fast: Not even one week passed between receiving the order and the delivery of a brand new VFD for the project.

Faster: The delivery, complete assembly, connection, tests and handover took place within just four working days.

Uncompromising on quality: Due to selected high-quality components from global market leaders, OIL DYNAMICSSElektroMotion Technology ESP smartDRIVEs are characterized by high reliability and durability.

The customer is king: The installation was carried out in accordance with the customer’s requirements on site. An existing enclosure has been reused while meeting German electrical and safety standards. The installation of the VFD was carried out as scheduled in parallel to the RIH of an ESP. Additional customer wishes have been flexibly implemented on site.

Powerful: The supplied smartDRIVE delivers 260A and 171kVA continuous power at 400V input voltage. Thus, it offers large power reserves for the current application plus various options for the future.

Power is nothing without control: The smartDRIVE can be operated remotely and locally via a large integrated color touch screen. Thanks to the integrated sensor data card, the values from the pump sensor are used for process control and for pump protection. The supplied VFD has a total of 19 digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Clean power: OIL DYNAMICS’ ElektroMotion Technology ESP smartDRIVE Gold comes with mains AC-chokes on the input side, DC-link chokes for the intermediate circuit and a du/dt sinusoidal wave filter on the output side. These additional components protect neighboring electronics on the input side and extend the service life of the ESP motor by reducing harmful voltage peaks on the output side.

Well prepared: The project could only be successfully completed because experienced Oil Dynamics technicians arrived on site with much more than just the actually required tools and components.

All-round and competent: After completing the electrical installation, the same Oil Dynamics staff programmed the VFD to the customer’s requirements and established the data connection to the existing control system.

OIL DYNAMICS builds variable frequency drives in various voltage and amp sizes at its location in Hockenheim, Germany. Experienced electrical specialists carry out installation and maintenance for well-known international customers. The VFDs are usually ordered and delivered together with the corresponding OIL DYNAMICS pumps (ESP, HPS etc.).