New ESP recently installed in Bavaria, Germany

The certain electrical submersible pump (ESP) extracts domestic crude oil from a depth of 1,300 meters. Therewith it makes a small contribution to our security of supply.

In order to optimize the design of the pump system, our experienced application engineers simulated a whole range of possible operating cases. They also installed materials and wear-resistant components specially adapted to the fluid properties and drilling condition. Before delivery, the team of OIL DYNAMICS thoroughly tested all pump components on our test rigs at the factory in Hockenheim.

To monitor and control the operation of the ESP, the underground sensor installed on the pump motor continuously sends operating parameters to the surface via the high-voltage cable. These include the pressures at the suction and discharge connections, the temperatures of the pumped medium and the motor winding, vibration values in two directions, and the fault current value. The customer’s existing surface equipment could continue to be used by adapting our components.

After the pump installation, our field service team established a stable data connection to the customer’s control system. For us, successful commissioning includes competent consulting and after-sales service. The fast and smooth project execution was only possible due to excellent preparatory work and precise coordination with the customer. Project management for a small pump is hardly less extensive than for a large unit. Reassuring for any customer – thanks to our strong local presence, we were able to react flexibly to unexpected events and project delays.

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