Screw Pumps

Tackling the future with cutting-edge technology: With our profitable, reliable and convenient twin screw, triple screw and multiphase pumping systems from the technology leader OIL DYNAMICS, you will maximize your margins.

Whether it is a twin or triple screw pump, a multiphase pumping system or any other pumping application, our systems allow you to handle an extensive pressure and flow range for both single and multiphase fluids. High quality system components enable us to supply state-of-the-art products that assure you optimized production results – in combination with outstanding life cycle results.

Twin screw pumps

Excellent pumping performance for almost all fluids: Our twin screw pumps are self-priming, double suction pumps designed for continuous service in high viscosity applications ­– with no ifs, ands or buts.

Manufactured in many different sizes, their design provides complete axial balancing of the rotating elements and eliminates all metal-to-metal contact within the pump. They are designed for pulse-free flow and high suction lift / self-priming capabilities – and deliver smooth, constant flows across a wide range of viscosities, temperatures, and pressures.

Built to boost your business

With the twin screw pump, there is no metal-to-metal contact within the pump housing while pumping. This boosts your pumping performance – even with non-lubricating and corrosive and contaminated fluids.

As the pump rotates, the intermeshing of the two screws along with the pump housing form chambers. These chambers will move the fluid from the suction to the discharge side of the pump.

Simple change of the shaft direction

It’s as easy as it sounds: The twin screw pump allows a reverse flow by simply changing the shaft direction. The suction then becomes the discharge and vice versa – without any modifications to the pump.

Your key advantages

  • Built to DIN/ISO or API-676 standards
  • Wide range of fluids
  • High and low viscosities
  • Handles low lubricity fluids
  • Good self-priming and suction
  • Low pressure and flow pulsation
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • Wide range of constructions
  • Wide range of materials
  • Multiphase pumping
  • Handles fluid impurities
  • Easy maintenance

Multiphase Pumping Systems (MPS)

Our Multiphase Pumping Systems (MPS) allow you to move multiphase fluid streams with ease and efficiency – finally.

The MPP technology is based on a fully API 676 compliant twin screw concept. The pumps are self-priming and near pulsation free. The MPP helps you greatly to enhance your production of Oil & Gas with a reliable and cost effective technology. Complex, space and operating cost consuming infrastructure and equipment can be widely eliminated.

Your key advantages

  • Increased production of oil and gas
  • Simple process control
  • Maximizes your margins
  • Reduces complexity of maintenance
  • Eliminates complex infrastructure
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Simplifies surface facilities
  • Increases reliability

Triple screw systems

Our triple screw pumps are versatile pumps as they are able to handle fluctuating flow rates and pressures without losing efficiency.

Triple screw pumps are self-priming rotating positive displacement pumps and commonly used in offshore and marine industries to move high-pressure viscous fluids with a minimum lubricating quality.

Smart but simple

The simple but smart design makes the triple screw pumps reliable and efficient: Three screws that rotate in opposite directions drive the liquid forward in a closed chamber and along the screws’ spindles. The accurate hydraulic balance and the special profile of the screw thread guarantee a continuous flow with minimum pulsations and turbulence, resulting in extremely low noise levels even at high rotational speed.

Your key advantages

  • Variety of materials: CI, SS grades, bronze, chrome or special coating
  • Several sealing arrangements
  • Reliable bearings
  • Smooth flow, pulse free
  • Self priming
  • No foams
  • Mounting and nozzle arrangement flexibility

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